Areas of Expertise

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Being Bitchy

I have often been described as "The Queen of Bitch." Need proof? I once referred to a group of girls as "cum-hungry demon whores" who should "get fucked with the pointy end of their grandfathers' cocks".

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Our Staff

Gossiping About Enemies

I've been spreading rumors and hearsay that have destroyed the lives of basic bitches since elementary school. Don't believe me? Just ask Rachel Tice.

Achieving Peak Attractiveness
Um, look at me.
Contributing Absolutely Nothing to the World Around Me
This is my guarantee: When you hire Brittnay Matthews: Mercenary Cheerleader, I will absolutely refrain from any activity that could possibly be construed as benevolent, caring, or in any beneficial to the plight of others or society as a whole. My full attention will be focused on your target and the revenge you have contracted me to seek out.
Saison Margeurite
General Nuisance
Montreal, Quebec

Brittnay Margeurite
Audio Engineer
​Overland Park, Kansas

Trisha Cappelletti
Creative Director

​Overland Park, Kansas

Brittnay Matthews
Overland Park, Kansas

Other Cheerleading Stuff Like Flips and Holding Up Signs and Shit

Yeah I can do all of that shit too. I'm very talented.